Magnetic Annealing

Eagle Magnetic offers Magnetic Annealing Services

Why do I need Magnetic Annealing?

Without proper magnetic annealing, a magnetic shield operates at approximately 15% efficiency. As supplied by material manufacturer, nickel-iron alloys have received only a softening anneal intended for general forming purposes. During standard fabrication which include shearing, punching, forming, and welding, the material is work hardened which further reduces the material’s magnetic properties.

Eagle Magnetic has developed a Magnetic Annealing Heat Treat cycle that optimizes shielding properties.

Unless a special cycle is required by the customer, Eagle’s standard cycle has proven to be a cost-effective choice.

Eagle Magnetic can provide special cycles to meet your Heat Treat specifications.

  • Hydrogen Annealing
  • Vacuum Annealing
  • Stress Relief Annealing
  • Military Standard Cycles
Vacuum Furnace using Magnetic Annealing
Vacuum Furnace

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