AAA Sheet and Foil Stock

Description of Standard Eagle AAA

Eagle AAA alloy is a soft magnetic alloy containing approximately 80% nickel, 4.20% molybdenum, and 15% iron which develops extremely high permeabilities with minimum hysteresis loss. The material is provided with the correct temper to permit users to perform a variety of cold forming operations. It can be fabricated into shields by roll forming, spinning, deep drawing, hydroforming and other conventional sheet metal operations. Where joining is required, spot welding or tungsten inert gas welding can be used.

Description of Ultimate Annealed™ Eagle AAA Sheet and Enhanced Foil

Eagle’s propriety annealing procedure enhances material properties by up to 40 %. It also provides the following benefits during fabrication:

  • Excellent flatness
  • High permeability
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Easy forming
  • Easy welding

Magnetic Properties of Standard Eagle AAA

Eagle AAA is capable of displaying a minimum DC permeability of 60,000 at a flux density of 40 gausses when heat treated.

Typical DC Permeability Range:

60 Hz Impedance Permeability (µz) vs. Flux Density

E-I Sine Test Method, ring specimens. Heat treated- H2 2150° F (1177° C) for 4 hrs., cooled at a rate of 600° F (333° C) per hr.

Raw Sheet stock is available in many sizes and thicknesses including Ultimate Annealed™ Foils. Other special sizes are available upon request.

Size Specifications for Eagle AAA Ultimate Annealed™ Sheet and Foil/Enhanced Foil Stock

Ultimate Annealed™ and Raw Sheet Stock

Sizes30″ x 15″30″ x 30″30″ x 60″30″ x 120″ *24″ **

* 119′′ x specified width, actual material yield due to .50holes on one end.
** 24” Widths are also available by special order.

Raw Foil Stock

.004XXBy foot
.006XXBy foot
.010XXBy foot

Enhanced Foil Stock

.004XXBy Foot
.006XXBy Foot

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