Eagle Magnetic has over half a century of experience in resolving customer EMI issues.

Magnetic shielding problems generally involve radiated low frequency interference which requires source or sensitive device shielding, sometimes both. Eagle’s Engineering department’s goal is to provide the most cost-effective solution to your EMI problems. This involves many different considerations:

  • Material Choice
  • Material Thickness
  • Shape Consideration
  • Fabrication Techniques
  • Minimal Tooling
  • Annealing Requirements
  • Surface Protection & Finishes

Eagle Magnetic offers engineering guidance for higher frequency issues, such as RFI, in which a fabricated product is the cost-effective solution.

Mechanical Engineering

Eagle Magnetic’s Mechanical Engineering Department has extensive training and experience in the design and fabrication of magnetic shields. This includes the following aspects:

  • Use of the latest CAD CAM equipment and software
  • Form, Fit, & Function analysis
  • Cost analysis
  • Manufacturing feasibility
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Reverse Engineering and Inspection

With Eagle’s new Virtek™ Laser QC System, customer’s can benefit from current templates or patterns that have been developed and transferred to NC equipment in a matter of minutes. In addition, this system provides a highly reliable means of measurement and inspection.

Virtek™ Laser QC System
<em>Virtek<em>™<em> Laser QC System<em>

Key Benefits

  • Flat Panel Scanning accurate within +-.005″
  • Go from Flat Template to NC Punch or Laser cut in minutes
  • Ideal for Patterns with large radii or small intricate detail


  • Accuracy – Accuracy maintained at +-.005″ during Reverse Engineering and +-.002″ during Inspection.
  • Variety of Material – Ability to Scan flat patterns ranging in thickness from .001″ to 12.000″
  • CAD Drawings – Can easily transfer scanned data to AutoCAD™ and produce detailed drawings for customer approval before fabrication thus allowing for faster prototype or productions runs.
  • Inspection – Provides detailed SPC data and final inspection reports.

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