Certified Welding

Eagle Magnetic offers many different types of welding, specializing in TIG & Spotwelding capabilities.

  • TIG Welding per AWS D17.1
  • Spotwelding per Mil-W-6858
  • MIG Welding per Commercial Standards
Weld Sparks
Robotic Weld


Eagle Magnetic utilizes the latest equipment such as our LORS Gantry welding system and stand-alone units.

Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) Welding

Our welding procedures & personnel are certified per AWS D17.1.

person welding
welding machine

We have six Miller / Lincoln TIG Welding machines along with automatic seam & orbital welding equipment.

From small .060″ diameter cylinders made from .006″ thick material, to lighting fixtures 96″ in diameter, we can meet your needs.

welding maching

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