Magnetic Shielding

Eagle Magnetic has specialized in meeting the challenges and the shielding needs of the medical, scientific, government and research community for 40 years. From prototypes to full scale production shielding assemblies, Eagle has designed and manufactured products for use in Nuclear Medicine, Accelerators, the Space Shuttle Program, Jet Fighters, U.S. Defense Department, and for use in many different research applications. 




Eagle Magnetic Fab-Cans

Eagle Magnetic Fab-Can™ processes allow for cost effective superior quality enclosures.



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Custom Monitor Shielding


Magnetic Interference in a number of harsh or challenging environments can make your CRT display jittery and distorted. Let Eagle design a custom shield that is less expensive than many of the "off the shelf" enclosures.  Ask us how!




Commercial & Consumer Products


For more than four decades, Eagle Magnetic Company has been one of the Midwest's major suppliers of Custom Manufactured Magnetic Shielding companies and we are now offering our close tolerance fabricating skills to the commercial & consumer markets.. We do prototype, short runs, or production quantities per your drawings or we will assist you in your design efforts. Whether you require sheet metal fabrication, machining, laser cutting, or welding, Eagle is the source for your commercial fabrication needs. We have what it takes to get your projects done quickly, accurately, and at a competitive price.



                                                                                                   Various parts and assemblies using a variety of materials. 



AAA Material Sheet Stock


Raw Sheet stock is available in many sizes and thicknesses including Ultimate Annealed™ Foils.



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