CAD Design & Large Format Plotting



Utilize Eagle Magnetic's years of experience  for your Computer Aided Design & Drafting needs.


Key Benefits

  • Experienced Design & Drafting Professionals  
  • Projects developed using the latest version of AutoDesk's AutoCAD® and Inventor® Software 
  • Black & White or Color Plotting of sizes A thru D.

The Autodesk® Inventor® software product line provides a comprehensive and flexible set of software for 3D mechanical design, product simulation, tooling creation, and design communication. Cost-effectively take advantage of a Digital Prototyping workflow to design and build better products in less time.


Autodesk Inventor takes manufacturers beyond 3D to Digital Prototyping. With Inventor, you can create a single digital model that gives you the ability to design, visualize, and simulate your products.

  • Design—Integrate all design data into a single digital model, streamlining the design process and improving communication.
  • Visualize—Create a virtual representation of the final product to review design intent, secure early customer validation, and market your products before they’re built.
  • Simulate—Digitally simulate the real‐world performance of your product, saving the time and money required to build multiple physical prototypes.





                                                                                                       Autodesk® Inventor® software




Whether you send us your ideas thru the mail,  EDX, or just a sketch by fax, we will provide you with a complete drawing in AutoCAD™ dwg format, DXF format, or a plotted hardcopy.